Motor Drivers

293D Mini 4 Channel Motor Driver Expansion Board

Rs 295.00

298P Motor Shield Board

Rs 1,150.00

Arduino Motor Shield

Rs 1,850.00

5V ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module

Rs 130.00

A3967 EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver V44

Rs 420.00

Arduino CNC Shield V4 Expansion Board

Rs 650.00

CNC 3D Printer Shield v3

Rs 550.00

Dual VNH2SP30 Stepper Motor Driver Module

Rs 1,250.00

HG7881 Dual DC Motor Driver Controller Board

Rs 220.00

L293D Motor Driver Shield

Rs 425.00

L293D NodeMCU Motor Shield Board

Rs 650.00

L298D Motor Driver - Dual H Bridge

Rs 725.00

L298N Motor Driver

Rs 390.00

L298N Motor Driver Shield with Buzzer for Arduino

Rs 1,285.00

L9110S H-bridge Stepper Motor Driver Module

Rs 175.00
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