MQ6 Gas Sensor Module

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The MQ-6 gas sensor uses a gas sensitive material with a lower conductivity of two tin oxide (SnO2) in clean air. When the combustible gas exists in the sensor, the conductivity of the sensor increases with the increase of the concentration of flammable gas in the air. A simple circuit is used to convert the electrical conductivity into an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration. MQ-6 gas sensors have high sensitivity to propane, butane and liquefied petroleum gas, and have better sensitivity to natural gas. The sensor, which detects a wide range of flammable gases, is a low-cost sensor for a wide variety of applications.

Module features:

  • It adopts high quality double panel design, with power indication and TTL signal output indication;

  • It has DO switch signal (TTL) output and AO analog signal output;

  • The TTL output valid signal is low. When the output is low, the signal light is on, and the microcontroller or relay module can be directly connected

  • Analog output 0~5V voltage, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage.

  • The sensitivity of propane, butane, LPG and LNG detection is better.

  • There are four screw holes for easy positioning;

  • Product size: 32*20*22mm

  • With long service life and reliable stability

  • Fast response recovery feature

Product parameter:

  • Product type: semiconductor gas sensor

  • Standard packaging: Black Bakelite

  • Test gases: liquefied petroleum gas, isobutane, propane, LPG

  • Detection concentration: 300-10000ppm

  • Loop voltage: ≤24V DC

  • Heating voltage: 5.0±0.2V AC/DC

  • Heating resistance: 31Ω±3Ω

  • Heating power: ≤900mW

  • Sensitive body surface resistance: 2KΩ-20KΩ(in 2000ppm C3H8)

  • Sensitivity: Rs (in air) /Rs (1000ppm isobutane) ≥5

  • The concentration gradient:≤0.6

  • Temperature and humidity: 20±2℃,65%±5%RH

  • Standard test circuit: Vc: 5.0V±0.1V,  Vh:5.0V±0.1V 

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