13.56Mhz RFID IC Wrist Band NFC Wristband

Rs 325.00

2.4" Nextion HMI USART TFT LCD Touch Display Module

Rs 3,450.00

5V ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module

Rs 130.00

5VDC Flame Detector Alarm Relay Module Board

Rs 550.00

8×8 Dot Matrix LED Display

Rs 150.00

A3967 EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver V44

Rs 340.00

ADS1115 16 Bit Analog to Digital converter 4 channel Module

Rs 670.00

Arduino CNC Shield V4 Expansion Board

Rs 650.00

Arduino W5100 Ethernet Shield

Rs 1,450.00

CNC 3D Printer Shield v3

Rs 550.00

Dual VNH2SP30 Stepper Motor Driver Module

Rs 1,250.00

EM4305 125khz RFID Tag

Rs 50.00

ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield for Nano v3

Rs 850.00

GSM GPRS GPS Module 3 In 1 Module Shield

Rs 3,950.00

GSM/GPRS SIM900 Board Quad-Band Module

Rs 3,450.00
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