Beginner Starter Kit for BBC micro:bit

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Thingerbits Beginner Starter Kit is designed for those who love to learn programming. micro: bit is a micro controller of ARM structure designed by the Britain BBC. It is only half size of a credit card, and onboard comes with Bluetooth, accelerometer, electronic compass, three buttons, 5 x 5 LED dot matrix, mainly used for teens programming education.

We specially make this starter kit for you to conveniently learn micro:bit, where includes common used resistors, LEDs, sensors, LED segment display and more, so you can directly start doing the experiments without purchasing other components.

The kit also provides you with micro:bit study courses, wiring method and testing code, helping you quickly grasp the programming knowledge. Believing that our Beginner Starter Kit for micro: bit can lead you to a wonderful electronic world. 


  • Lesson 1: Displaying Hello World

  • Lesson 2: Blinking an LED

  • Lesson 3: Simulating Advertising Light

  • Lesson 4: Button-controlled LED

  • Lesson 5: Making a Responder

  • Lesson 6: Breathing an LED

  • Lesson 7: Controlling LED Brightness

  • Lesson 8: RGB LED

  • Lesson 9: Photosensitive Light

  • Lesson 10: Active Buzzer

  • Lesson 11: Passive Buzzer

  • Lesson 12: Driving Servo Motor

  • Lesson 13: Flame Alarm

  • Lesson 14: 1-digit LED Display

  • Lesson 15: Magical Light Cup

  • Lesson 16: Micro:bit Analog Read

  • Lesson 17: Thermistor Sensor

  • Lesson 18: LM35 Temperature Sensor

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