3.2" TFT LCD Display + Mega Touch LCD Shield

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3.2" TFT Touch LCD


3.2" inch TFT LCD module with touch screen controller and a SD card cage. It is suitable for embedded systems which require display high quality colorful image or video with interactive control and storage purpose. 
ILI9341 touch panel controller.
3.3v voltage regulator.
PCB adapter for lcd.
One Standard SD card socket.
Support 16 bit RGB565 format , can connect any 16 bit data bus.
2x20 Pin 2.54mm double row pin header interface for connecting MCU.
Can be driven by 8051 / AVR / PIC and other low power controllers.
Display content: 240RGB x 320 Dots.
Resolution: 240 x 320 Dots.
Screen: 262K Colors.
Size: as shown in the following picture (mm).


1PCS * 3.2 inch 240x320 TFT LCD module Display with touch panel SD card


TFT Mega Touch LCD Shield

Model: N/A
Quantity :1
Color: White
Material :FR4
Features: TFT LCD Module; Working voltage: 3.3V, it's not compatible with Arduino MEGA pins, so we make a shield for Arduino MEGA; With this module you can directly plug the TFT01 in the shield and stand on the Arduino MEGA board
Specification TFT01LCD supports 8-bit mode, can use SD card interface and touch screen interface at the same time, adopts IC voltage division, makes the TFT display more stable
Application This LCD TFT01 Arduino Mega shield V2.0 is fit for 3.2 inch , 3.2W inch , 4.3 inch , 5 inch , 7 inch TFT LCD Module; The TFT01 MEGA shield supports 16-bit mode; Because of Mega board have enough pins for using SD card and touch function at the same time
English Manual/Spec Yes, (electronic format )

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