298P Motor Shield Board

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L298P ShieldDC motordrivesusingLGS\'soutstandinghigh-powermotordriver chipdedicatedL298P,can directly drivetwoDC motors,drivecurrent up to2A,motor outputusingeight-speedSchottkydiodes asprotection.Stackdesigncan be directlyplugged intothe,easier to use!


Technical Specifications:
1.Logical part ofthe input voltageVD: 5V
2.Drivenpart of the inputvoltageVS: VINInput6.5 ~ 12V, PWRIN4.8 ~ 35Vinput
3.Logicalpart of the workcurrentIss: <36mA
4.Drivenpart of theoperating currentIo: <2A
5.Maximum power dissipation: 25W (T = 75Celsius)
6.Controlsignalinput level:High2.3Vlow-0.3V
7.Working temperature: -25 + 130Celsius
8.Hardware interface: 5.0mmpitchterminal
9beltclipandcan be controlledviafront rowaccesssignal
10.Drive Type:DualpowerH-bridge driver
11Pinoccupancy: D4 ~ D7directdrive motor
12supportsPWM / PLLmodemotor speedcontrol

13Size: 68 * 53mm

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